Current Schedule

7:40-8:33 | 1st Period
8:37-9:25 | 2nd Period
9:29-10:17 | 3rd Period
10:21-11:09 | 4th Period
11:13-12:30 | 5th Period (Lunch)
12:34-1:22 | 6th Period
1:26-2:14 | 7th Period
2:18-3:06 | 8th Period

Checkout Policy

As a convenience, parents are allowed to checkout their student via phone no more than four times per semester. It is encouraged that these calls only be used in the case of an emergency. After calls have been exhausted and in any otherwise case, students will only be allowed to checkout in-person by the students parent, legal guardian, or an individual designated by the parent/legal guardian on student file as having permission to do so. The individual checking the student out from school must provide legal identification before the student is released.